“Freedom of opinion and expression” was declared a human right 67 years ago

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China is the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom - @FreedomHouseDC Freedom on the Net survey

FreeBrowser is a free Android app that provides access to an uncensored internet. The app is available for free because we believe that uncensored access to information should be available to everybody and that it should not come at a cost.

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FreeBrowser costs us USD 0.20/user/month. Your donation offsets those costs, meaning more people around the world can enjoy uncensored internet access.

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User Reviews

A good browser. A trimmed down version of Lightning Browser that does exactly what it says without no fuss.

Best proxy that I could ever download.

Works well in China. Awesome [to] not [need] a VPN to access Google and YouTube.

Neat and convenient UI, now I can break through the GFW without a VPN.

The internet censoring machine is huge and powerful in China. This organization has demonstrated its defiance over authoritarianism and its audacity to defend free speech and free information.

...the effort made here is noble and will always signify hope.

So fast, so stable, so awesome. Dear developer, thank you so much!

A lot of sites I need to access are abroad, but I could never jump the firewall and could not figure out how to. Now I find that finally FreeBrowser solved my problem.

Thank you! Heroes!

FreeBrowser is China's most powerful weapon to jump over the wall.



What is FreeBrowser and what does it do?

FreeBrowser is a free Android app that acts like a normal mobile browser except that it provides access to an uncensored internet. FreeBrowser has been developed by, whose mission is to end online censorship in China. GreatFire also runs and a project called “collateral freedom”. was founded in 2011 and operates as a private company.

Who works for has three pseudonymous co-founders (Martin Johnson, Percy Alpha and Charlie Smith) and a network of freelance developers who also operate pseudonymously. is China-based and maintains anonymity due to the sensitive nature of our operations. Few circumvention tool providers operate from within China. We believe that it is important that we remain in China because we can experience firsthand any developments in the censorship apparatus.

Who uses FreeBrowser?

About 85% of our users are from China, however, we are also seeing users adopt FreeBrowser in countries like Iran and Yemen. Most of our users wish to access information that is being blocked by “great firewalls”. In China, for example, the authorities block access to Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and thousands of other websites.

Can anyone use FreeBrowser?

Anybody who has a mobile phone running the Android operating system can use FreeBrowser. FreeBrowser is free to download and use and we would like to keep it that way. FreeBrowser is available on Google Play. While Google Play is blocked in China, FreeBrowser can also be downloaded on GitHub, which is not blocked in China. We make FreeBrowser available for free because we believe that uncensored access to information should be available to everybody and that it should not come at a cost.

Who supports

Since its founding in 2011, has received support from many individuals both in China and around the world. has worked with content partners on a paid for basis to unblock their content for audiences in China and we have also received support from the U.S. Department of State, Open Tech Fund, Digital Defenders Project, Reporters WIthout Borders, Internews, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, and OpenITP.

If you receive support from these organizations, why are you asking me for money?

Many of the organizations which have supported us in the past only provide funding to develop new projects and do not provide funds to sustain existing projects. While we were able to secure funding to develop FreeBrowser, it is more difficult for us to find funding to maintain operations (pay our hosting bills) and to make improvements (pay our developers). In December, 2015, the cost of maintaining FreeBrowser was USD 0.20/user/month.

Does FreeBrowser work?

The authorities in China have been cracking down on the use of circumvention tools in China yet FreeBrowser continues to work. China has the most sophisticated censorship technology in the world. The fact that FreeBrowser works in China shows that it can outsmart firewalls in any country in the world. Since its launch in March, 2015, FreeBrowser has grown to be one of the most popular circumvention tools in China.

How will my donation be used for FreeBrowser?

Most of your donation will be used to cover costs involved with the operation of FreeBrowser. This includes costs for servers and bandwidth. As FreeBrowser becomes more popular, the costs of operating FreeBrowser also increase. One of the benefits of operating pseudonymously is that has little overhead and administrative costs - we have no offices and we work virtually.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

We are working on finding a solution for providing donors with tax-deductible receipts through partner organizations.

What types of payment do you accept?

You can donate using any major credit card, PayPal and even Alipay. We also support Bitcoin (but only for one-off payments).

Is there a maximum donation?

There is no maximum donation. The more which you are able to give us, the more we can do! If you would like to donate a high amount but not through the above payment mechanisms, please contact us directly on

How can I stop monthly or yearly payments?

If you used Paypal, then you can stop your monthly or yearly payments simply by logging into your Paypal account. If you used any other payment method and you have any trouble whatsoever stopping your monthly or yearly payment to us, please email us on and tell us what email address you used when you made your donation. If you want to tell us why you are stopping the monthly payment we’d also be grateful but this is not a requirement. We may need additional information from you in order to stop the payments in which case we will be in touch with you directly.

How can I stay up to date on your activities?

You can follow on Twitter and sign up for the newsletter.